BJJ Etiquette/Helpful Info

Above all else, be respectful

Everyone there is trying to learn and not be hurt.  When sparring, keep that in mind.  If you find that you are using strength and it’s still not working, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Pay attention to techniques that are being demonstrated.  If you do not understand a certain aspect of it, speak up rather than having a side bar conversation.

Make every attempt to show up on time.  You should be changed and ready when class starts. If you will be late, try to let someone know.

All uniforms must be clean.

Keep toe and finger nails trimmed – your training partner will appreciate it.

Please keep food, drinks, and shoes off of the mats

Pictures or videos should not be taken without permission

Jewelry should not be worn while training

Stretch/Warm-up before class begins

Clean up after yourself. this includes tape that may have fallen off, cups, bottles, etc…